Xbox Series X Is Available Right Now, Free Game with Series S

Xbox Series X Is Available Right Now, Free Game with Series S

All the info you need to find and buy an Xbox Series X or Series S right now.

NEW Xbox Update: Turn this on now!

Xbox News Update: Call of Duty will stay on Playstation. September Xbox Game Pass titles announced. Xbox is costing you $120 a year. 343 Industries can no longer be trusted with Halo. Xbox Studios boss says the days of single-studio AAA games are ‘long gone’.

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From Video Games Chronicle

“Xbox commits to Call of Duty on PlayStation for ‘several more years’ after existing deal. Microsoft has provided some clarification on its plans for the future of Call of Duty, should its proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard get the go ahead. And in a statement to The Verge, Xbox boss Phil Spencer said Microsoft had committed to making the series available on PlayStation for “several more years” after Sony’s current marketing deal with Activision expires.”

From Eurogamer

“September Xbox Game Pass titles announced. Disney Dreamlight Valley! You Suck at Parking! Metal: Hellsinger! Microsoft has announced the next wave of games coming to Xbox Game Pass this September.

Available today is the Disney farming life sim Disney Dreamlight Valley featuring a cast of well-known characters.

The game is launching in early access available across a number of platforms, with Game Pass users getting access to exclusive cosmetics and some in-game currency (across cloud, console and PC). The character creator is good fun too.”

From The Verge

“Xbox energy saver modes could save you up to £5 per month in the UK. If you’re an Xbox owner in the UK or Europe, it might be time to look at which energy mode your console is using. Rising energy costs across the UK and Europe mean the consoles’ Instant On standby mode could cost up to £5 per month next month for many households, as the energy cap on prices jumps a massive 80 percent in the UK alone.”

From Tom’s Guide

“343 Industries can no longer be trusted with Halo — it needs to go. Halo Infinite has been beleaguered by a series of unfortunate events since it was announced. From being delayed for over a year, the infamous “Craig” meme, numerous online syncing issues, battle pass’ frustrating progression system, to lacking modes like campaign co-op and Forge — Halo Infinite has been all but a complete disaster.”

From Video Games Chronicle

“Xbox Studios boss says the days of single-studio AAA games are ‘long gone’. During a Q &A at PAX West 2022 over the weekend, Booty was asked whether the large numbers of game delays over the past couple of years could be blamed mainly on the COVID-19 pandemic. These included the difficulties in adapting to a new generation of hardware, the challenges in QA testing more complex games, and the fact that so many big games are now made with multiple studios.”

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You’ve been saving your pennies up all year long to get a nice shiny new next gen console and now you’re looking for some games to play… well here’s some great news! There’s a whole load of free to download games available on Xbox, including some that are optimised to take full advantage of Xbox Series X|S!

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Emulation On Xbox Series X Or Series S Just Got Super Easy! No Dev Mode is Needed!

Emulation On Xbox Series X Or Series S just got super easy! No Dev Mode is Needed!
This works in retail mode and it allows you to play PS2, PSP, Dreamcast, Wii, Gamecube, and more on the Xbox using Retroarch! PS2 and Gamecube on the Xbox Is Awesome!

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00:00 Introduction
00:14 Overview Ps2 on Xbox
02:42 How To Install Retroarch Retail Mode
04:12 Retroarch Setup Retail Mode
07:44 USB SetUp Games And Bios
12:46 Finishing up

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XBOX Next UPDATE | What’s Next for Xbox – 30fps or 60fps #XboxSeriesx #xbox

The Console Generation is just getting started and with an entire year delayed because of 2020 worldwide setbacks, gamers are still enjoying cross-generation or upgraded last generation game experiences. Now as Developers are ready to break the boundaries of game design, hardware limitations and fans expectations, the focus is squarely on popular hardware, and someone wants to blame Xbox, but it’s not what you think:

Looking at the breadth of games that have come out over the past two years since the emergence of Xbox Series S and X, and the promise of supporting cross generation is nearly over. With that, it is also strikingly apparent that cross generation also feels decidedly 1.5, more of the same but now finally at 60fps.

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