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Funny Moments – Paradise PD Episode 5

Funniest bits from S01E05 of Paradise PD, based on personal preference.

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Funniest Dusty moments (part 3/3) – Paradise PD alphabet

Let’s face it: Dusty carries this show like Peter carries Family Guy, Michael and Dwight the Office, and Barney HIMYM, so he deserves a best-of of his own!

As three seasons of Dusty was too much to fit into one alphabet I decided to break it up per season. I still ended up throwing out a bunch of content, so maybe I’ll have that return at some point. Enjoy learning the ABC with Paradise PD and Dusty!

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Every Paradise PD 911 calls


How 2 Creators Made the Same Show 3 Times

The creators of Brickleberry and Paradise PD just released their brand new show on Netflix; Farzar. And unsurprisingly it’s a carbon copy of them, so today I’m discussing Farzar and how 2 creators made the same show 3 times


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The Forgotten Fairly OddParents Crossover –
Remember Game Grumps AWFUL YouTube Red Show –

0:00 Intro
1:00 Roger Black and Waco O’Guin
3:14 How is Farzar?
11:50 They are desperate
13:25 Conclusion

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