How to Get Infinite Ouroboros Upgrades – Inscryption Guide

How to Get Infinite Ouroboros Upgrades – Inscryption Guide

The Ouroboros in Inscryption is incredibly powerful because every time it dies or is destroyed it gains a permanent +1/+1 and is recycled back into your hand.

Inscryption: Infinite Ouroboros Buff Loop

It just works. Also you’ll get a lot of bones.

Inscryption – Ouroboros Infinite Power/Health Combo

Keep in mind Ouroboros’s stats are uprgraded PERMANENTLY, and the upgrade persists between runs. A balance patch might be appropriate. This combo can be performed in a wide variety of ways, this is just one example.

Infinite Ouroboros 999/999 – Inscryption

Bring completely broken isn’t a bug, it’s a feature!

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[Inscryption] – Unlimited Cards/Ouroboros Farm (Act 2)

You can swap the Warrens with Cats if you want, same thing (they can be used 9 times)
Written Guide:

Any upgrades that you do through out the game to Ouroboros get carried over to the next act. That means you will have a one-shot Ouroboros in Act 3 (renamed Ourobot), and with the Sniper ability added to it, makes it completely unstoppable.