Hat and Skin Cosmetics Guide – Among Us Guide

Hat and Skin Cosmetics Guide – Among Us Guide

Among Us is a murder mystery puzzler, where you must complete a series of ship maintenance tasks in order to win. That is, of course, if you end up as the

Among Us Seeing The Imposter Vent #Shorts

When you see the imposter use the vent in Among Us.


How To Make Your Own Skin In Among Us | Among Us Custom Skins – Step by Step Guide

How To Make Your Own Skin In Amoung Us.

About the game:
In Among Us, Imposters lurk among the crew, picking off members of the crew one by one. Crewmembers must work quickly and efficiently if they want to get out alive. Understanding the ins and outs of each of the game’s three levels takes time, and learning how to complete every task is a task in itself. Don’t fret though — we’ve got you covered. Here are all the tasks you’ll encounter on Polus in Among Us.

Authors: Purple_Dragon_X avatar (Naruto Hats)
Naruto Mod V1.3:


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TF2: FREE HATS 2022 – Every Free Hat & How To Unlock Them

Every free hat currently unlockable in Team Fortress 2 is covered in this video, updated to be accurate in 2022.

The full list of free hats are: Ghastly Gibus, Pyrovision Googles, Full Head of Steam, Gentlemunitionne of Leisure, Civilian Grade Jack, Military Grade Jack, Skull Island Topper, Bombinomicon and the Director’s Vision taunt, which of course isn’t a hat but is still a free TF2 cosmetic.

As well as two hats unlocked in TF2 by playing *different* free-to-play games on Steam: Spiral Sallet (Spiral Knights achievement “Mission Accomplished”) and the Alien Swarm Parasite (from Alien Swarm Achievement “Hat Trick”.

We also look at a few “retired” and currently unobtainable (without cheating) hats and the stories behind them: Frontline Field Recorder (TF2 replay editor achievement), Bolt Action Blitzer (CrimeCraft Gang Wars), Flamingo Kid and Triclops (both from Super Monday Night Combat) and the Black Rose knife (Alliance of Valiant Arms – AVA).

Military Grade Jack method:

0:00 – Intro
0:31 – Ghastly Gibus & Pyrovision Goggles
1:19 – Full Head of Steam, Gentlemunitionne of Leisure, Civilian Grade Jack & Military Grade Jack
2:40 – Director’s Vision (taunt)
3:48 – Skull Island Topper & Bombinomicon
4:40 – Spiral Sallet & Alien Swarm Parasite
6:14 – Retired hats

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How To Complete The Tricksters And Treaters Event | Full Event Guide

Sea Of Thieves’ annual Halloween event is here, and it’s actually pretty good! With hats, gold, and more up for grabs, why not get into the spooky season in style – Tricksters and Treaters is upon us! Remember to like, subscribe, and hit that bell so you know when I upload videos!

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