Burden of Expectation – Final Fantasy XV Guide

Burden of Expectation – Final Fantasy XV Guide

In Final Fantasy XV, Burden of Expectation is the first major quest of Chapter 3: The Open World. In this mission, Noctis and his friends will enter Duscae, in

FINAL FANTASY XV Lestallum Burden Of Expectation

Final Fantasy XV: Walkthrough Part 4 Quest BURDEN OF EXPECTATION

Final Fantasy 15 Gameplay Quest Burden of Expectation, Meet Iris in Lestallum.

Final Fantasy XV – 100% Walkthrough Part 12 [PS4] – Chapter 3: Burden of Expectation (1/2)

In Part 12 of the Final Fantasy XV 100% Walkthrough we begin Chapter 3 and start the quest “Burden of Expection”. We finish up the quest on the next video.

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Final Fantasy 15 Walkthrough: Chapter 3 – Burden of Expectation

Welcome it IGN’s guide for Final Fantasy 15. In Chapter 3, Burden of Expectation, Noctis and his friends enter the region of Duscae and make for Lestallum to meet with Iris, and grab a few items along the way.

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